Changing Oasis Inc. Annual High School Diploma Drive

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Changing Oasis, Inc. is excited about all the changes we have been making in the lives of our clients. Our members enjoy access to small business assistance, community leadership, and a variety of workshops for a small membership cost of $35.
You may be thinking to yourself will this membership benefit me? Our answer is not only will it benefit you but it goes a long way to helping serve the community at large. An example of this is our upcoming Back to School High School Diploma drive which will help individuals and the community by assisting needy families in obtaining school supplies and other school resources. A few of our historical successful events for the 2012-2013 school year include; Back to School Drive, Toy & Coat Drive, and National Day of Service. As a member you get a chance to be a part of all that and get information first to pass on to friends and family.
In addition we would love for you to volunteer your time, services and/or resources in the following areas; memberships, public relations, event planning and other areas that you may see how your time, talents and treasures may be utilized to help change the lives of all those that we touch.
August, 17, 2013, is an important date in that we will be assisting in “Literacy 4 Change” campaign and helping our community stabilize the violence. Lend your voice to help give ideas and ways you see we can offer true change in both these areas.
We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting on August 17th, 2013 and register here
Thank you for your support.
Audrey Woodley


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