5 Steps to Own Your Niche & Make A Profit

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5 Steps to launch Your Niche Like a Pro
Own Your Niche & Make A Profit.

Many people have the dream of owning a profitable business and the freedom to travel and speak professionally. I’m no different. My goal was to learn how women earned 5k per month or comfortable six-figure salaries.  So I did what most risk takers do. I joined a coaching program.
When I received a pink slip two years ago, I made the decision to take my business to another level. I wanted to invest in my niche and was determined to do everything to prevent the feeling of hopelessness and bewilderment I had experienced from creeping back into my spirit. I knew that my passion was teaching, but I wanted to do that outside of the traditional classroom.
My first plan of action was to work on my personal brand and I invested about $10k in small business program development and coaches. However, what I did not anticipate was the mountain of drama and horror stories I encountered in the process of building my brand. I really considered giving up, but I didn’t. I kept my faith and focus, and started doing more research while partnering with people who believed in me. I also united with other successful coaches and programs like Marshawn Evans, Richard Dently, Steve Harvey S.O.A.R, Jane Copeland, Rochelle Redd(mentor), Yvonne Kenney, and Walker’s Legacy.
From this experience, I learned that one of the most significant factors of achieving success is the mindset to invest in your dreams with unwavering determination. As a successful entrepreneur, there’s an awesome feeling about building your niche and making a name for yourself as you empower other women and take global action.
My journey has been richer and clearer because I know my worth, vision, and mission. You too can find your niche and create the successful path that you desire.  Does it always go as planned? Of course not!
In the first quarter of 2016, I launched my first sales funnel and webinar.  I have been growing and harvesting my true passion, which is guiding others toward investing in their dreams. The lessons from my journey to success helped me to understand the system and products that my ideal clients need in order for their businesses to generate income. The 5 steps that have been tested and proven to work are:
1      Knowing your brand story 
2      Creating content that connects with the target audience
3     Offering an irresistible product
4     Dynamic brand collateral
5     Creating a strategic marketing plan for the business launch

These 5 steps will help give clarity for the entrepreneur in you to develop a product and cultivate the necessary skills to drive massive traffic to your business and generate authentic, thought-provoking conversation. Accomplishing this goal means that you have mastered your brand story, content, target market, and utilized all available resources to keep your community inspired and informed. The business may start off slow but the rewards will surely increase as your message reaches the ideal clients who appreciate what you bring to the table.
To learn about the 5 Steps to Launch and Own Your Niche, join me this Spring, April 30th, 2016, as I launch the first Digital Retreat to empower women to pursue their dreams. This groundbreaking event will demonstrate how to build a 6 figure income, and foster a thriving community that is ready to manifest their dreams.

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